Have you ever imagined what it would be like to work 1-to-1 with me, SARK?

The biggest question people ask me is:

“How did you create such a magical life with everything you've gone through?”
They want to know about my commitment to miracles and magic, especially because I’ve thrived through so many challenges. I've alchemized and transformed; incest in my childhood, years of avoidance of my purpose, poverty, a mid-life suicide attempt, anxiety and depression, and the death of my beloved fiance in 2016.
All the wonderfull and terrible things blended together serve as fuel for all the transformations.

In the midst of terrible things, I've created a wonderfull life with my new beloved partner, 18 bestselling books, speaking and teaching around the world, hundreds of colorfull products with my art, and innovative programs to teach and mentor others how to do the same in their own lives, with their unique gifts and offerings.

Beyond all the successes is my
LIFE. A well lived life is the best success of all, and creative dreams being made REAL are the loving legacy we have to offer. 


You and your unique gifts and dreams are so important. 

As so much in our world necessarily falls apart, you have the opportunity to create the NEW more than ever before, and offer it as a benefit to this world. 

I know that these unparalleled times are filled with deep uncertainty, and I believe that these world shifts are propelling us on our way- to a new way of being and living.
I want to provide you with the transformative tools for the long-term growth and nourishment of your dreams being made

My Magical Mentoring practice is NOW OPEN  for TWO new wonderfull souls.

For more than the last decade, I’ve mentored and coached people who want to move and transform something significant in their lives. 

When I decided to re-open my Magical Mentoring practice earlier than planned, I found myself carefully considering how I and it, can be of most illuminated service. During this unprecedented time of uncertainty + transformation, I know that some of you would love the opportunity for this kind of support in the midst of all these new changes we’re experiencing.

I open my private practice once per year, and after over 30 years running my creative business, one of my greatest joys of the last decade is to also BE a mentor and coach, and help others make their dreams REAL. 

We are truly not meant to create our lives, purposes and dreams alone. To this day, I continuously utilize the services of good guides and mentors, and as a result, can be an even better mentor for others too. 

I live my life in the stream of energy that results in the activation of my dreams. This level of in-depth, individualized support and commitment to your vision and dreams is my greatest honor. 

One of the ways I love to play and create is privately mentoring people to expand their dreams playfully & exponentially and Magical Mentoring with me  works in many different ways...Packages include immersive 1 to 1 time with SARK, marvelous mentoring Dream Days specifically designed + tailored for you to create, shift, envision and move more of your dreams or goals forward significantly. 

I only work with people who I know can and will succeed in what they envision, and I will give you exactly what you need to have the most enriching support possible. 

This level of in-depth, individualized support and commitment to your vision is my greatest honor, and I’m so excited to read your application to see if we’re a match.

Working privately with me is a significant investment and I understand that this investment is cost prohibitive for many. I do offer many low cost and free resources that are available to everyone and I am committed to being of service to as many people as possible, in as many ways as possible. 

I trust and know that the people who desire this the most have been waiting for this priceless, intimate experience and opportunity to be mentored by me- SARK.

What kinds of support and inspiration will you appreciate experiencing in your life?

What if you had someone to connect with and learn from who would share their life, business and soul experiences with you to act as a guiding light for your particular path? 

Someone you could ask for + receive emotional support from?

What if you found new ways to activate and expand your dreams, create a better relationship with fear, all while finding inspiration during the marvelous messy middle of your life- no matter what?

How would your life look and feel? 

What kinds of transformations in your life have already occurred and how might you receive support for new ones to more easily happen?

​​​​People Have Worked + Played With Me On:


Writing and completing a book, online or in person program, products, workshops, retreats or other offerings.


Changing relationships to food, changing relationships to inner critic dialogue, upgrading self care + self love abilities,  creating space for a soul love, designing a new lifestyle, revisioning and finding one’s life purpose and expanding confidence for a new project. 


Work and life balance, being more creative in the midst of work, expanding your leadership capacities, exiting a job that is less than nourishing, creating a sabbatical time.


Realigning business with values + purpose, redefining a core message, reinvigorating your passion, adjusting expectations + aligning resources, rebranding a core message, creating a new division, hiring support, creation of expanded time and strategizing current programs and campaigns.

My Previous Mentoring Clients Have Experienced: 

Consistent progress while writing or completing their new books, with a renewed purpose and new feelings of confidence in their voice

Increased ability to clarify their messages and creative dreams

The discovery of new and expanded ways to share their visions with the world.

Expanding the influence of their message

Discovering opportunities to create money via creativity

How to live your life on purpose, expressing your true creative self and experiencing fulfillment

Living more and more of their days truly happy with themselves + their lives and able to contribute to the world 


I specialize in what could be called “way of being,” where I show you new ways to be, so that your doing is more aligned with your being.

If you want to find out more about Magical Mentoring with SARK, simply APPLY NOW.

You deserve to create the unique kind of life you were brought here to live. If you would welcome support and guidance, I would love to be your mentor for you living your most magical life– even more than you already do!

This offering will fill quickly, so if you’re drawn,
take INSPIRED action now. 


BLOOM even more into who you are and what you're wanting to create and bring into the world...you’ll do this by answering some intriguing questions (also known as a short application;-) for you to respond to. There is also a small 100% refundable deposit. This process will ensure that we have conversations with people who are committed to exploring, and being able to receive this opportunity. Completing the application does NOT obligate you to enroll in Magical Mentoring. It is simply the next step in exploring if you’re a fantastic fit.  

If you and your spirit resonates with mine, Magical Michon from my team will connect to have a Discovery Call with you about us working and playing together, and then you’ll talk with me. 

Please note that we will personally review your application and if we feel, based on your answers to the intriguing questions that Magical Mentoring is not a fit, you’ll receive a kind note + gift from me and your refundable deposit back.

Please schedule your Discovery Call immediately if you are granted an interview, and show up on time ready to DREAM! Spots are filled on a first come basis and this helps our team to work with ease as we manage the significant number of applications coming in. 

If you choose to take the next dance steps, I THANK you for honoring your creative spirit and asking for support with sharing your visions.   I’m inspired to read your application~

May all of our dreams swirl around us all of our days and nights and become REAL in this world. 

Karens Story:
When Karen and I first began working together, she wanted to accomplish one main goal:  To launch her digital greeting card company: creating a community of like-minded souls who believe in the power of connecting through words and art in the form of a greeting card. 

She felt optimistic and hopeful that I could help with unlocking her unique brilliance, attracting the right creatives for partnership with her developing business, plus turning up the volume on her ability to create and bring something NEW and valuable into this world that wasn’t there before. 

Within the first 3 months of working together, she was creating from a place of deep joy, fun and abandon, had gone full steam ahead with the creation of her new digital card company called ThanksGreeting and most importantly was putting herself and her dreams FIRST- showing up bravely as the artist she is, taking up more space,  stepping authentically into the center and not letting fear hold her back from creating and living an authentically fulfilling life while also creating a successfull and unique new business. 

In her own powerfull words;
“So grateful to wrap up six months of Magical Mentoring with SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy). Truly a blessing to make co-creating with my longtime mentor a reality. I have known and loved SARK for years (decades) and she has always felt like a dear friend, a wise confidant, a boisterous cheerleader and a fairy godmother all rolled into one. How wonderFULL that playing/working with her exceeded all my deepest desires! I have owned and operated several creative businesses and yet after Magical Mentoring with SARK, this feels so different - I feel I am being divinely guided to step into the spotlight and embrace my creative calling as an artist. If you’ve been sitting on the fence about stepping up and claiming a chance to work with SARK
- follow the whisperings of your heart and DO IT!”

– Karen

Karens Story:"Mentoring with SARK is magical, just as you might have guessed! I came to SARK, feeling a bit lost on how to get my big dreams out my head and heart and into the world in a larger way.  As a result of our time together, I launched a new website, birthed new dynamite offerings and learned how to work smarter, not harder.

I also grew deeper roots with my heart and soul youth empowerment program called SHINE. Working with SARK catapults you to the next level of who you were born to be. SARK is highly intuitive, wildly creative, has a wealth of knowledge, is extremely practical and an incredible guiding force for the next generation of healers.

Working with SARK may be the best gift you ever give yourself!"

– Stephanie T.

“A beacon of light, wisdom and kindness, SARK is the OG of being and truly loving who you are: inner critics, brilliance, and everything in-between.  She offers understanding, love, and support, as well as practical wisdom and tools that really work. I love that she gives permission to play and to take naps all while healing and awakening through creative expression.

SARK has believed in me, and helped me to explore and to begin to realize my soul’s long-held dreams.What started as an overwhelming pile of notes and individual blog posts, is now a damn fine book in progress. I couldn’t have done it without her!”
– Sabrina C.

“I was fortunate to be a part of SARK’s two Rhapsody of Writing groups in 2018. Because of that experience, I approached SARK about being mentored by her privately. At that time, she wasn’t taking on new clients. In the middle of 2019, SARK had availability in her Magical Mentoring program. I was so delighted, but I was in the middle of treatment for breast cancer. I knew this opportunity with SARK was so crucial for me as my life was going through a miraculous transformation, and Magical Mentoring was a critical part of it. SARK and I worked together to create a schedule that would work with my treatment schedule and energy level. I was working on my book of Soulful Wisdom as well as other creative projects. As I came from a corporate career with a significant business focus, SARK’s mentoring helped guide and support me as I created new pathways for a creative life. 

The result has been a new level of confidence for my writing and creativity. I feel certain now about completing my book and finalizing my offerings this year. I would absolutely recommend SARK to people looking for coaching and mentoring around their creative programs and projects.

– Jackie S.

“If you know you want to unleash yourself creatively, there's a project you want to make happen or just a side of yourself that you want to open up, SARK is an amazing mentor in any capacity.  She's always going to be that person who encourages you to stand for who you really are, what you really want, and how you really desire to express yourself in this world.”

I'm so excited to share a glowing review of my experience being mentored by Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, aka SARK. Susan has been a mentor of mine for 2 years. I have worked with her in all sorts of different ways from retreats, in person, VIP days and private coaching. All mentoring with Susan has been related to 2 specific areas; one of which was growing my business and doing so in a way that was very authentic to who I am and very creative also. The other important project I worked on with her is writing my first book, which was no easy task. It took a lot of space holding on her part to help me get into a consistent writing practice, where I believed that I had something valuable to share. And in doing so, I found out that I actually love writing and I probably have 10 or 20 books in me that are going to come out throughout my lifetime. I wouldn't have gotten connected to that hugely important side of myself if it weren't for her constant accepting, non-judgmental and also very disciplined space that she holds. You know when you are working with SARK, you are going to want to do your homework and show up because she is such an amazing model of what it means to live a life that is authentic, magical and charming. If you want to unleash yourself creatively, or a project you want to make happen or just a side of yourself that you want to open up more to, she's an amazing mentor in any capacity. She's always going to be that person who encourages you to stand for who you really are, what you really want, and how you desire to express yourself in this world. Two thumbs up and 5 stars for SARK and I hope this was helpful in deciding if she's the right guide for you.My inkling is: If you made it this far, then she definitely is.
– Shereen S

When Teresa and I first began working together, she felt like she didn’t quite fit into Magical Mentoring and felt a bit  embarrassed, as she wasn’t focused on writing a book or starting a business. She was experiencing deep feelings of grief and despair and was devastated from a recent relationship loss.
Teresa wanted to accomplish three main goals: to learn more about genuinely loving herself, recover from her breakup, and to explore different career possibilities. She was hopeful that this mentoring practice would be a safe space to land, where she would be welcomed with open arms, accepted, cared for and valued.
Within the first 3 months of working together in Magical Mentoring, she felt more aligned with her inner self, and gained valuable and result oriented tools to actively
begin making the changes she had been seeking, and most importantly she felt safe and heard.
In her own powerfull words,
“SARK’s intuitive and wise guidance is supportive, open, accepting, and helps me to focus on specific actionable steps to implement, and make the changes I wish to see in my life. She genuinely cares and makes me feel loved and cherished, and roots for me and supports me in my growth. I feel inspired and energized each time we speak. She never tells me what I should do, but rather, guides me to uncover my own answers that are already within. SARK helps illuminate possibilities that I then bring into focus on my journey of self-discovery. As I’ve worked with myself to heal, learn, grow and change, I’m transforming the way I see myself and how I handle my life. While I still have work left to do, I’ve made significant progress towards achieving my three goals. It truly is a magical and transformative adventure working with SARK”

–Teresa H.

“SARK is top on my list of mentors who have inspired me and given me the tools to make my dreams come true. Now three years later, I’ve lost over 50 lbs, found love, and launched my creative business".
– Kathryn C.

"The immense power of SARK’s guidance + mentorship this past year has truly transformed my life"
“I’m so honored and excited to share my experience of Magical Mentoring with SARK. The immense power of SARK’s guidance + mentorship this past year has truly transformed my life. She has an intuitive understanding of her clients and knows how to go deeper and target the areas where she can make a difference.

SARK’s gentle and straightforward approach helped me to outline specific areas of improvement within my own business and really created a shift in my thinking, allowing me more time and space to vision and plan my concrete goals. She helped me to attract new, amazing team members, develop deep customer relationships and increase revenue.  I now know that my business can grow and expand in line with my vision!

Magical Mentoring with SARK truly helped me beyond my expectations. I feel calm and organized more often and more easily, my  life activities are in better balance, I feel at peace more often which helps me to feel and share joy more easily and surprisingly and I’ve discovered that the essence of how I currently earn my livelihood allows me to thrive, meet my current financial needs and lift myself and others. 

~Pam W

“A conversation with SARK lights a permanent firecracker in your heart and life. Mentoring with SARK set me on a creative journey that will last my entire life”
SARK has been my mentor and friend for over 15 years. I adore her + her work and I call her my creative fairy-godmother. From reading her first books and hearing her whimsical stories, my heart exploded with a big YES. A conversation with SARK lights a permanent firecracker in your heart and life. Mentoring with SARK set me on a creative journey that will last my entire life.
-Andrea S.

“SARK’s magical mentoring allowed my book to look and feel like a New York Times best-seller.”
“When I first signed up with SARK, I wanted to write a best-selling book on love. Truth be told, I was struggling with  writing like a former graduate professor. Although it was ‘good’ writing, it wasn’t touching people’s hearts. SARK helped me to see that I was using ‘client stories’ and ‘great theory’ to hide my own vulnerabilities with love. The day she dared me to tell my own story – failures and all – was the day my book took flight. I now wrote in a way that readers would trust me. SARK’s magical mentoring allowed my book to look and feel like a NY Times best-seller.
This empowered it to attract both high level endorsements and readers who rave about it.
Here’s the best part. Her mentoring helped me to have a better life by getting me in touch with my inner wise self. When you are guided to write and live from this sublime place, it changes everything in your book and your life!  If you want to write a best-selling book that touches people’s hearts and comes from your very soul, SARK is the woman to mentor you.

-Dr. Gary S.

"Each mentoring session provided me with ah-ha moments, better mental clarity and success-oriented guidelines to help build my self-confidence and self-esteem in business, love and everyday life.  I highly recommend this remarkable experience with the wildly succulent SARK.”
It was with excitement and fear that I pressed the button to sign up for private magical mentoring with SARK!  I am forever grateful for my courage that day. Susan provided real tactics to help reframe my negative self-talk and move on with a plan to tackle self-critics whenever they tried to run the show.  She listened and attended to my needs with love, care and joyful generosity, displaying such wisdom and intuition that I was astonished. Each mentoring session provided me with ah-ha moments, better mental clarity and success-oriented guidelines to help build my self-confidence and self-esteem in business, love and everyday life.  I highly recommend this remarkable experience with the wildly succulent SARK. 
-Eileen H.

“SARK beautifully mentored me in writing my book with structure, sensitivity, practical magic, as well as her focused time and attention. SARK helped me to stay the course, work through my blocks/obstacles all while holding the vision for my book completion!”
I was fortunate enough to work with SARK before and she really knew me and understood my patterns.
She helped me with overcoming my inner critics in the past and I knew that I wouldn’t let them stop me this time. I would recommend SARK to anyone who needs help with completing a project that is in their life path or dreams. She has an innate ability to overcome blocks to living your dreams- and is able to combine the ideal combination of nurturing and challenge to help you get there.
Having SARK’s insights and direction was invaluable throughout the process and I highly recommend her Magical Mentoring program and her spirit.”

-Dr. Sharon H.

“Thank you SARK for all your love, support, wisdom, and grace. Forever grateful for you.”
“I’m writing a book. It’s a mentoring memoir. A story of all my stories and the lessons within. It’s a story of releasing old matrilineal patterns that keep us small. It’s a story of the universal wounds we carry as women. It’s a story of unraveling, unwinding, and unwounding. It’s a story of becoming whole and finding Wild Grace. It’s a story of love and loss and birth and death. It’s my story. It’s our story. It is The Practice. SARK has been by my side mentoring me the whole way through. Today we got to drop in together and deepen into what is writing me. Thank you SARK for all your love, support, wisdom, and grace. Forever grateful for you.”
-Michelle L.