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“Joining Succulent Wild World has been one of the best acts of self-love ever. I have already received 10X the attention, support, and value that I expected, within the first two months.

SARK is incredibly involved and provides one-to-one mentoring + coaching in the group calls (I've received twice!) and the exercises like guided Inner Wise Self Love Notes have already shifted my reality, along with hugging myself everyday!  

I feel truly blessed.” 
- Debra M

“I love coming into Succulent Wild World to experience an Oasis in the Desert of Digital Space!

The vibe is loving, supportive, caring, kind, and infectious. And the creativity is effervescent and refreshing! Drink deeply from the tribe and  SARK's wise and wonderfull wisdom in this magical space!”
- Damon B

“The Succulent Wild World Community is a safe haven in which I feel I am surrounded in a warm snuggly blanket of encouragement.  

I also feel joy-FULL, happy and exhilarated. I am equipped with what I need to begin making MicroMOVEment wheels and actually accomplishing some of the tasks/movements since I know there are others in the community experiencing some of the same things I am.

This is a wonderful place to be, dance, laugh, sing, share and grow with others..

- Mary S

“Succulent Wild World is a both a haven and a shot of Vitamin C for creatives! (the C stands for creativity).

SARK creates loving communities of succulent support like no one else can. I've been part of many communities over the years, but haven't found any other communities or mentors that are as transformative as what SARK offers.

If you're looking for your tribe and haven't found it yet, come join us!”
Bekah M.